Investment Approach

Sama Global Investment’s strategy is to create lasting value for its companies, projects, and portfolios. Sama Global’s unique approach enables the team to execute investments in a skillful and timely manner, utilizing flexibility to take advantage of market trends in various parts of the world.

Sama Global organizes its investment activities and decisions in accordance with asset management principles, with an aim of maximizing risk-adjusted financial returns. Each investment decision is considered in the context of the overall portfolio of the company in order to incorporate an acceptable level of risk.

Sama Global employs its internal investment management capabilities in areas where it has particular expertise and avails external investment management resources where appropriate.

Investment Philosophy

Sama Global’s investment philosophy is mounted on three pillars:

    1. Lasting Investment Horizon. In our experience, investing successfully means taking upon the long-term view of portfolios. Our investment professionals seek to identify projects that can do well over several years, by using financial analysis and paying close attention to valuations.

    2. Disciplined Development. Sustainable investment management practices require discipline and experience. Sama Global’s experienced team has witnessed several market cycles in various regions and countries. This means they have the perspective and knowledge required to navigate international markets.

    3. Robust Organizational Culture. Sama Global is a privately-owned investment company with senior employees focused exclusively on asset management and development. The strong organizational culture at Sama Global provides the ideal environment for investment professionals to maintain a long-term perspective when pursuing investment opportunities.

Investment Framework

Sama Global follows a rigorous, five-stage investment process for each investment. The traditional process is described below, however, it is flexible depending on the asset class under consideration and investment type.
Sama Global Investment receives project proposal from various sources. This includes proprietary sources, internal contacts, strategic partnerships and network of leading institutions and partners. Some examples of these partners include investment banks, private equity funds, governments and other sovereign wealth funds.
Evaluation of the project is the most important stage of the investment process. Sama Global deploys professional experts in the relevant fields to conduct thorough financial and legal due diligence to determine the overall feasibility of the project under consideration.
Based on the results of the evaluation stage, Sama Global Investment’s Board of Directors decide on the deal. At this stage, the main factors under consideration are the region, size of the deal, investment thesis, potential risks, and fit with overall portfolio.
Once approved by the Board, investments are executed by relevant management and development teams who have expertise in asset purchase and management procedures.
Sama Global manages its portfolio actively to create, gain, and sustain value for it companies. The team frequently assesses the performance of the portfolio against the initial investment thesis. Moreover, the same diligence is applied to investments in third-party funds and projects as well.

Risk Management

Risk management is at the core of Sama Global Investment’s operation. The overall portfolio is managed within the levels of risk defined by the relevant authorities and Sama Global's Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for risk management as well as determining the overall risk appetite. The Board accepts a level of investment risk to achieve its targeted return.

Sama Global has implemented a comprehensive risk management framework that adheres to international best practices. Sama Global’s approach to managing risks takes into account the Generally Accepted Principles.

The overall investment objectives and risk tolerances for the portfolio are defined by the Board of Directors of Sama Global Investment. Specifically, the Board has defined investment return objectives in addition to a risk appetite statement that sets out both the types and level of risk that the Board is willing to accept in pursuit of these return objectives.

A comprehensive risk assessment process is undertaken regularly by the Board of Directors of Sama Global Investment to reevaluate the impact and probability of each risk materializing and the financial or strategic impact of risk.