Sama Global Investment aims at investing and managing funds, in accordance with the policies, strategies and plans approved by the Supreme Council for Economic Affairs and Investment.

Sama Global Investment is committed to high standards of corporate governance. Going forward, the aim is to continuously reinforce this commitment and continue to review the transparency, governance framework and accountability standards in order to sustain growth.

Sama Global Investment’s mandate includes an objective to invest domestically and internationally in a diverse group of fields, industries, and sectors. Sama Global Investment pursues to achieve real long-term investment returns without exposing the Portfolio to higher levels of risk.

Sama Global Investment Principles for dealing with third parties ensure that the operational decisions are always based on economic and financial grounds and are in full compliance with all applicable regulatory and disclosure requirements in the host countries of the investments.


Sama Global’s team ensures that there are effective measures in place around all important tax processes, with adherence to these measures monitored and reported to senior management on a regular basis.